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Rear Seat Entertainment

Ultimate Audio offers a wide range of in-car entertainment systems to cure any boredom on the road.

Rear Seat Entertainment
Rear seat entertainment is a great solution for long journeys, especially if you have children in tow. However, passengers of all ages will be pleased! These technologies can be used for both business and pleasure, making it perfect for taxi services and private hire vehicles too.

We can install rear seat entertainment systems in all kinds of vehicles with a factory quality finish. We offer a variety of screen fitments to choose from, including in-dash

Whatever your vehicle or budget, we can provide you with a solution that suits both!
Headrest screens / Tablet style screens Headrest screens and tablet style screens are generally the most common solution because they offer several combinations and benefits, for example: one screen can be playing a DVD while another uses the HDMI input.

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Drop down roof screens

Roof mounted screens, as the name suggests, mount on the ceiling of the vehicle. This style of screen provides a cinema style experience within the vehicle, which is a great solution if all the passengers are happy to watch the same thing.

Depending on the screen you go for, the audio comes through wireless headphones, giving the user the ownership of their screen without the constant battle of trying to hear over the other parties. The driver can still listen to the radio station of their choice.

Android                      screens 

View How It's work

View How It's work

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from £300 a pair 
12 month’s warranty

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Experience Rear Entertainment Like Never Before!

Discover our advanced Android screens that seamlessly mimic your smartphone's functionality. Entertain the entire family with apps like Netflix, YouTube, and more – perfect for keeping the kids engaged. Elevate your driving experience with the ultimate in-car entertainment solution.

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