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Car Specialist Customs now offer our exclusive range of Star light kits with a range of different fibre optic lights that can cover the whole length of a roof. Our highly skilled craftsmen can create the perfect starlight headliner achieving any desired look. 


You may have seen people driving down the street and caught a glimpse of their interior lighting. 

While you can install it yourself, you’ll constantly have to be changing batteries. Instead, our Car Specialist Custom workshop between Cheshire east and stoke-on-Trent can install Star Lights that connect to your vehicle and offer a wide range of control options.

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Starlight's can be added to almost any vehicle. The process of installation is as follows.

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The process starts by disconnecting all dome, map lights and other trim pieces and removing the vehicle’s headliner.
Hundreds of small holes then need to be drilled or pinned in the top of the headliner mould, to fit the fibre optic lights, which are individually carefully placed just above the headliner fabric.
These lights are then attached by adhesive and then stranded together to be run to the location of the Light Source, typically in the trunk, rear seats, or under the vehicle’s dash, wherever you choose.
The process can take many hours, depending on the number of lights you’re installing.
Unfortunately, convertible top cars, whether it’s a soft or hard hood are not able to have starlight's installed, this is because the retracting and folding of the roof will potentially damage the wiring and lights. The same applies to cars with sun-roof windows

That being said, cars with sunroofs are able to have starlights installed. Our expert technicians can install starlight's to your desired specification. As long as your roof is not convertible, it can be done.

Prices starting from £450

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